Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tonto Gear Box Glacier Gloves

I have lived in the Arizona desert for 22 years now, and the summers are hot i.e. 110 degrees. This baking has thinned my blood out and I get cold easy. After years of setting decoys out and then picking them back up, all with bare hands to keep my gloves dry, my cold threshold was breached. I started looking for a pair of gloves that could get wet, yet still function as a good glove. I started browsing stores for gloves around February of last year, and keep my eyes open for gloves I liked, this lead me to Glacier Gloves.

Reasons I Use Glacier Gloves
The first time I tried some on at the store, the fit was great with a warm fleece liner covered by neoprene. The ability to move my fingers made the glove comfortable, and the shape kept the blood flowing to the fingers. After purchasing a pair and using them out hunting, I was very impressed with the warmth they provide and the tasks I could perform with them on. Picking up decoys, wrapping anchor cords and shooting a shotgun are all tasks that can be performed now with warm hands. Also the ability to keep hands warm when wet due to the neoprene is a plus, I have been known to get unexpectedly wet at times. After two months use the durability of the gloves has been good, no holes or punctures yet. The river bottom I use them in still has much of the surrounding desert plant life growing, cactus, cactus and thorn bushes. Water proof gear has to have some amount of toughness to with stand this terrain.

Reasons You Might Not Like Glacier Gloves
If you wear a thick winter parka (I don’t) the cuffs that come up over the sleeves might be tight, they fit snug on me with a jacket. And I don’t need the Velcro strap over the cuff for same reason.

I purchased my gloves in November of 2011, and have used them on every duck hunting trip sense then. I would recommend these gloves to anyone who wants their hands to stay warm when spending time around the water.

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The Following review of "Glacier Gloves” is the sole opinion of Tonto Rambling and given to help inform others about this product. It was purchased for the purpose of using it in the field.  I will try and give an unbiased and honest opinion of all products reviewed. I have received no compensation for this review and I am not associated with Glacier Gloves.


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