Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids

Back at the beginning of October I received a copy of "Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids: A Guide to Getting Your Kids Active in the Great Outdoors (Fox Chapel Publishing, September 1, 2011)" The book was sent to me through the Gear Review Opportunity at the Outdoor Blogger Network. I started reading it that week and found the writing styles of the author enjoyable. Unfortunately, work picked up about the same time, and reading time has been at a premium around my house. With the holiday break here I was finally able to get serious about reading this book. My apologies to the author, Eugene Buchanan, and Fox Chapel Publishing, for the delay in the review.
Having read most of the book in the last two weeks and can say, it is a good and easy read. I was raised in a family that spent many a weekend in the outdoors. I have tried to do the same with my four kids. Reading about the adventures Eugene had as a child growing up, brought back many of the memories from my own childhood. Also, some of the things that he has done with his children, I have experienced firsthand with my own children. He does however, have a great way of sharing a wealth of knowledge that he has gained in his time outdoors with his brood.
Things that I really enjoyed while reading this book is the activities covered, phases of childhood, and tips on products and techniques. The books chapters cove singular topics like bicycling, camping, climbing, fishing, and several more. This allows the reader to reference those topics as needed. It also keeps each activity focused and centralized. As you read through each of these sections he covers taking small toddlers with you outdoors; all the way to participating with your kids at your side. Some of his insights into this are great, including yearly bike and skiing trips around childern. Also the topic of coping with personal time afield, such as banking time with your spouse for some solo time afield, or planning your activities to bring children along. As he covers each of these areas he talks about specific gear that he has found helpful in making it easier on you and your children. An example of this is in the biking section he mentions both Striders and Burley’s in transitioning your kids to full bike riding. If you are a new parent and want to get your children involved in the outdoors with you, Eugene has many great and insightful tips to get you started down that path.
The book does not have anything I really disliked about it. If there is any flaw in the book, it’s that a lot of the activities require substantial bankroll to fund a family of more than one or two kids. As a father of four some insights into how to lower the budget and still enjoy would have been a nice addition.
Would I recommend purchasing this book, or telling a friend to buy it, absolutely. I have already purchased and given a copy to a friend who was expecting their first child. It is well written and the cartoon pictures are good for a laugh.
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The Following review of "Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids: A Guide to Getting Your Kids Active in the Great Outdoors” is the sole opinion of Tonto Rambling and given to help inform others about this product. It was received free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it.  I will try and give an unbiased and honest opinion of all products reviewed. I have received no compensation for this review and I am not associated with Fox Chapel Publishing.

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