Sunday, January 22, 2012

Desert Sky

This week I had the good fortune to go out and hunt for ducks on three different days. Both Tuesday and Friday afternoons I headed out to do some jump shooting along the river. Then on Saturday morning I spent a few hours sitting over a popular duck hole. Both evening hunts were very successful I got some great photos of the sun setting and of the cliffs overlooking the river at twilight. It didn’t hurt that there were plenty of widgeons trading up and down the river. Saturday, they were all gone and I was left sitting with my thoughts as the desert came to life. A favorite song of mine kept playing through my head, “desert sky, dream beneath the desert sky” from U2, the song is called In God’s Country. Looking around at where I was, I realized I was in the middle of God’s country. As I meet more and more people through this blog, each one of them has their own individual traits and outlooks on the outdoors. Some are great writers, others phenomenal photographers, some paint or guide. Hunting, fishing, hiking and camping we all try to put down how we feel about our time spent in God’s country. I hope to get to know more people this year and share my perspective on the locations and activities I enjoy. Thank you in advance for sharing yours.


  1. Great post. I found myself on Saturday reflecting with Jonah as we were waiting for the ducks that never came. We talked about the opportunities to "go into the forest to hunt beasts" and how the time right before shooting light and right at dusk provide quiet moments for prayer and contemplation. Even though we only got one shot, I still enjoyed the morning.

    I loved the pictures.



    1. Josh it has been a great season this year, we've had some good times. If we improve by the same amount next year, we are in for some killer hunting. Thanks for your time and support.

  2. you guys have a ton of wigeon down there in the desert. I only shoot one r two a year. Although i am not complaining about the amount of mallards we have here. good post

  3. Rory, the widgeons just came in about three weeks ago, but it was a lot of them. They have not been responsive to decoys, so I have had a lot more success jump shooting them. Good luck to you the rest of the season.