Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tonto Gear Box OtterBox

Sunset (taken with well protected camera)
A few weeks ago I purchased a new phone, a smart phone to be precise. My plan was to use it to help me stay in touch with my blog more, keep up on emails and look cool. With my old phone I had sent a tweet or two from the field. My new phone has the ability to tweet take video and shoot higher pixel photos than my point and shoot camera. While this is cool to have with you, I hunt ducks. Any duck hunter will tell you how hard the environment where ducks live is on gear, mud, muck, water or all three combined. With the cost of replacing a smart phone running in the $$$, you better protect it. Enter the water proof Otter Box.

The Otter Box
Reasons I Use the Otter Box
What is the Otter Box? It is a waterproof box that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The lid on each box has a seal that makes it waterproof. The design of the box makes it pretty much crush proof; protect anything fragile inside of it. I purchased the smallest one they had to hold my car key, phone, wallet and spare cash for any emergency, (such as if I fell in the water and needed a hot breakfast). I also picked the clear box so I can identify the contents inside. Out in the field it has been great, because I have already dunked it when crossing the river at a spot in the dark and missed the shallow section. Also it keeps contents dry until I clean my hands to text or take photos while out hunting. 
Reasons You Might Not Like the Otter Box
If you find the bulk and extra weight of the box to much, and have no problem buying new phones and cameras, this is probably not a product for you. Another problem I have heard of is the lip where the closure fasteners breaking off, but so far I’ve had no issues.

Get one
If you carry an expensive phone or camera around water, i.e. all fly fishers and duck hunters; the cost of keeping you expensive valuables safe is worth the peace of mind.
I would recommend this product to everyone who needs to protect there gear from the elements anywhere outdoors. Also they make a fantastic line of phone cases.

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The Following review of "Otter Box” is the sole opinion of Tonto Rambling and given to help inform others about this product. It was purchased for the purpose of using it in the field.  I will try and give an unbiased and honest opinion of all products reviewed. I have received no compensation for this review and I am not associated with Otter Box.

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