Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working On My Casting

Spent memorial day morning at the Salt river with my fly rod in hand.  I saw this video series on MidCurrent, "The Five Essentials of Casting" and I thought this would be a good opportunity to work on my casting.

The Salt river is only a 20 minute drive from my house so with easy access I spend time here quite often.  The fishing there is always a challenge, and at this time of year the summer tubers make it worse.  It does have what I needed to work on my casting though, current and wind.  I made it there before sunrise and the crowds; Bulldog Canyon is always a beautiful place in the early morning.

I spent about an hour on the river and was able to throw some pretty loops.  As always the time spent outdoors was both relaxing and enjoyable.  Unfortunately the fish never showed up to play.  I am looking forward to the next fishing trip to implement some improved casting knowledge I have gained.


  1. Excellent TR- always glad to see someone else pairing the fly rod and mtb. Now we just need to convince Ben @ AZWanderings to get on board! tight lines and happy trails! mike

  2. Thanks Mike for the comment, just starting out with the blogging. I enjoy reading your blog and meeting others with similar intrests.

  3. my motto: get on out there, the blogging will follow. My favorite excuse for the missus: gotta feed the blog hon! look forward to following your adventures via flies and tires~