Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

Semi Seal Leech
 This was the weekend for fathers, so I spent some father time. Started Saturday morning with a quick and uneventful (ie no fish on the line) fly toss at the Salt River with some friends. Followed that up with a tour of sports retail stores to see if I needed anything. Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop's and Sportsman's Warehouse were all busy, but they still managed to get a few bucks out of me. Picked up some new Rio sinking fly line for my fathers day fishing trip coming up, look for a review. Then I purchased this cool blood red semi seal and tied some of my favorite flies for this weeks fishing trip. On a more somber note, the forests in our state continue to burn. I got word this morning of a new fire, the Willow fire that started north of Bear Canyon Lake, this could jeopardize the Mogollon Rim section of Arizona's fisheries. If you have extra rain send it our way.


  1. Great looking leeches. I never go anywhere without those guys. When all else seems to fail a stripped leech is the way to go. Great looking site.


  2. Leeches and mini-hoppers are my go to flies. Thanks for the support Ben, I always enjoy reading AZ wanderings.

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