Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonto Friday 3/30/12

Snow on the Desert Peaks
It has been awhile since I have put anything up on the blog, duck hunting ended awhile back and that was the last thing. I have been very busy working on a lot of things in the mean time, mostly work, but the day dreaming has occurred from time to time. With summer and fishing on the rim country just around the corner it is time to get back to writing. So I think one of the goals for this summer is going to be to catch a carp on a fly. While I have shot a lot of these fish with the bow and arrow, I have not caught to many on a rod and reel and zero on the fly. I found this video on fly fishing for carp and thought I would share it. This video is found over on and has some great footage of catching carp.

Other things that have been going on, like a lot of flyfishing fanatics, the tying bench has been busy stocking up for the summer time. Several weeks ago I was approched about tying some flies for a painting exhibt by Spokane artist Christina Deubel. She wanted some photos of flies that I, and several other tiers had tied, and then she would paint them for a art show. Below is a few of the pictures I sent her.
Arizona Small Stream Flies
The Chosen Fly & Its Painted Twin

Lastly, some of the work I have been doing is on a website that I have been creating with a friend. While it deals more with city life information, than with the great outdoors, there is still some outdoors stuff that we are including. Follow this link ( ) to check out one of my entries about Hawes Loop hiking and mountain biking. Thanks for stopping by and with fishing season here, look for more frequent posts again.

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