Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Tuesday Night Again

At The Table
Well Tuesday night has come again and I headed down to Bass Pro Shops in Mesa for the monthly fly tying class. Just walking into the store feels like you are heading into the great outdoors, specially here in the desert were the temperatures bake everything. As you enter the fly shop in the back corner of the store it is separated from the main floor by a another door and a transition from concrete to wood floors. This makes for a quiet and secluded location to tie flies. The table we sit at holds six people which makes it a friendly environment helping the discussions flow freely. As always we talk more than we tie almost like a good card game, but I always seem to learn some new technique to use in my fly tying. This Tuesday was no different, it challenged my fat fingers to no end. I have tied 100's of flies that I use regularly like the Elk Hair Caddis, Pheasant Tail nymph, Hares Ear nymph, Leaches, and AZ Wanderings Mini-Hopper. Never have I thought of fishing a damsel fly let alone tying one, but we tackled that fly tonight. It was interesting to learn how it is done and then but those practices into motion. There is one thing for sure, my fly tying is getting a lot better by tying with others in a group atmosphere.

1st Damsel Fly

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