Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Dream Fishing Trip

This blog entry is my submission for the Red Tuna Shirt Club and Outdoor Blogger Network Writing Contest.

I have been thinking about what my ideal fishing trip would be, and having reflected upon past fishing experiences to create it. As a child I remember going fishing with my father in central Utah. We would drive up a small canyon and pull over where it changed to a dirt road. Early morning trips would start cold and crisp with the dew covering everything along the stream banks. Mule deer would be moving along the creek and feeding in the meadows before heading up the mountain sides to bed down. This is where I remember catching some of my first trout. My father showed me how to fish along the eddy lines and behind boulders to find feeding redsides. At that age almost all the fish were huge and we caught plenty of them. With a pole in one hand and fishing creel slung over the shoulder, these trips are the seedlings for my trout fishing passion.

With this in mind, I think the perfect trip would be a trout fishing trip; somewhere in the mountains where there is plenty of trout and wildlife to enjoy.  Nearly forty years have passed since my early childhood fishing trips and my life has changed.  I would enjoy floating down the river with my dad and my four children. To me this would make the perfect trip.  

With the criteria set, I think the obvious choice is trout fishing in Alaska with my family. To me this is one of the most rugged and scenic places on earth. All the stories you hear about Alaska involve wildlife around every corner. We could see tall snowcapped mountains and bears and moose feeding along the river bank. We would also be able to see remote rivers that hold some of the biggest trout ever.  I would also have the opportunity of floating down the river, and showing my father how and where to drift flies in the current. This will allow me to share with my children what my dad shared with me and continue on for generations.  This would represent my dream fishing trip.


  1. Another trip I'd say, make it happen! I took a family trip to Alaska when I was in my teens, traveling around for 3 weeks experiencing all the wildness and beauty and those memories are still sharp and clear in my mind.
    I'd love to see you experience that with your Dad and kids.
    Now you have me dreaming about going to Alaska again!
    Great job,

  2. It been my dream to go ice fishing under the Arctic ice. I may not catch a big one but fishing like an Eskimo from hole in the ice is a childhood dream. Then you can enjoy a cup of hot miso soup while eating the fish in an igloo. That's so cool...literally, LOL.