Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Mornings

There is something about the sun slowly rising in the sky out in the desert. The cactus seem to catch the light and then each needle seems to glow. The rocks have not yet been heated in the furnace so the temperature feels tolerable. Birds begin to move from their roosts and search for breakfast before seeking midday shade. This makes for the best time to be out here year round, especially in the summer.

For many summers now, trips out to the Usery Pass archery range have become the norm. The time spent with bow in hand tossing arrows is always relaxing. The facilities are great with several walking courses, including a 3D target course. There is also the important covered canopy range with target's starting at 15 yards and going out to 100 yards. It wouldn't feel like summer without a few trips out here to keep the shooting skills at peak level. If you go during the morning you get double the pleasure.
Having Fun

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